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Hi! I'm Niladri Chatterjee.

I am a freelancer. Which means, I work from home. I create websites for your needs. The websites are beautiful, responsive and blazing fast. Plus, I fill up website with lots of content so that your visitors can find information about your business and also contact you.

Also, I do Search Engine Optimization, which ensures that your websites ranks first in the SERP(Search Engine Results Page). So that you can get a tons of customers from sites like Google or Bing.

Only these things are not always enough to ramp up your revenue. You have to reach out to your potential clients. There comes the Social Media. Social Media basically means Social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instragram etc. Around 2 Billion people uses Social Media actively. Hence, targetting those places will ensure you thousands of clients.

But how to connect with this large customer pool? That's when Social Media Marketing comes into action. By creating a huge fan base and advertisment campaigns I'll help you to connect with them.

And in case you did not read the crap above, here's what my specializations are:

Convinced? Let's talk!